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Bernie Steele

A senior manager with a background in microbial physiology and over 30 years of experience in biotechnology. Formerly Director of Alliances & Operations at the Michigan Biotechnology Institute (MBI). Prior to joining MBI in 1997, held faculty positions at Auburn University, where he was responsible for the Fermentation and Bioprocessing Laboratory, and the University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory. As a Senior Research Scientist at Boeing Defense and Space Group was involved in the early development of the Environmental Control and Life Support Systems for the International Space Station. Extensive experience in leading research aimed at the discovery and development of microbial products, such as enzymes and specialty chemicals, as well as strain development and the use of microorganisms for remediation of environmental contaminants. Has conducted research programs throughout the world including the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Thailand, Nepal and Belarus.

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